How to save photos from Instagram to your phone or computer?

In today’s world of social media, Instagram holds a special place as one of the most popular photo and video sharing platforms. Often, users are faced with the desire to save their favorite photo from their Instagram feed to their mobile phone in order to have access to it at any time, share it with friends or use it as inspiration. However, Instagram’s built-in features do not provide a direct option for downloading photos, forcing users to look for alternative methods. In this article we will look at 5 ways to save photos from Instagram to your phone without violating the rules of the platform and maintaining the quality of the images.

Saving photos from Instagram to a mobile device can be done through Telegram or using certain applications and online services:

Using Telegram

The easiest method to download images from Instagram to your mobile phone is through Telegram. This eliminates the need to install additional applications or log into them using Instagram data, bypassing potential unreliable services.

Sending yourself a message

An easy way is to send the image to yourself in Telegram. To do this, enter your nickname in the search beginning with the @ symbol, for example, @example. “Dialogue with yourself” will turn into a personal data storage. Just send a link to the Instagram post you’re interested in to this chat and upload a photo directly from the message.

Using bots

Telegram bots are also widely used to download images from Instagram, allowing you to save not only images and videos, but also the texts of publications. For example, activate the @instasavegrambot bot in Telegram, click the “Start” button, and it will send you a welcome message with instructions. To upload a photo, just send the bot a link to the post, and it will send you the image to save.

Another bot is @Instatube_bot, which works on a similar principle. Send it a link and the bot will provide an image to download.

To find other useful bots in Telegram, you can refer to specialized directories on the Internet.

Using external applications and services

There are many apps and online services available in the market that offer the ability to download Instagram images directly to your mobile phone through a link.

FastSave for Instagram (for Android)

This app has over 10 million downloads and is widely popular due to its simplicity and ease of use. You don’t need to log into your Instagram account to download photos or videos. Just copy the link to the post you are interested in and the download will start automatically, after which the files will be available in the gallery of your device.

Instructions for saving Instagram videos to mobile phone

When you use the app for the first time, it will provide a detailed guide on its features.

For iPhone and iPad users, the situation is slightly different. The App Store regularly blocks apps that allow you to download media from Instagram. In this case, it is worth looking for alternative methods of saving images, for example, via Telegram or to a computer, in order to then transfer the photo to a mobile device.

Saving via URL

Another method involves modifying the Instagram post URL. By adding “media?size=l” (without quotes) to the URL, you can go directly to the high-resolution image and save it in the standard way. This method allows you to upload photos even from private accounts that you have access to.

Saving through special services

Using online services such as InstaSave provides the opportunity to upload photos from the link. Just paste the URL of the desired Instagram post on the service’s website and click the button to download. Such services, including Stapico (Webstagram), DownloadGram and Instagrab, work on a similar principle and do not require the installation of additional software.

Using source code

Another method is to extract the photo through the page source code. Once you open the desired Instagram post, right-click on the image and select “View Code” or “Inspect Element.” Find the link to the image in the code, open it in a new tab and save the photo.

These methods make it easier to save the images you like from Instagram, even despite the restrictions set by the platform itself.

How to download videos from Instagram: 4 convenient services and programs

WinX YouTube Downloader

WinX YouTube Downloader is a feature-rich application specialized in downloading video content from a variety of platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The main disadvantage is that the application is compatible only with the Windows operating system, even supporting its latest 10th version.

The user interface of WinX YouTube Downloader is intuitive. To download a video from Instagram, just find the desired video through a web browser on your PC, copy the URL and paste it directly into the application. The application allows you to process multiple links simultaneously, providing bulk downloads.

Despite the stability of WinX YouTube Downloader, the application may sometimes encounter minor technical problems, such as the lack of video preview or the inability to determine the length of the video.

Official download site: WinX YouTube Downloader

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is a highly efficient photo and video downloader. This compact program is available for installation on Windows, macOS and Ubuntu operating systems, allowing users to quickly get started. 

By entering a hashtag, account name, or location into the search bar, you will instantly activate the process of downloading content into a separate folder where the files will be organized by date. However, you should be careful when using automatic uploads as there may be many photos and videos posted under one hashtag. The process can be paused at any time.

The program also offers the ability to follow multiple user accounts simultaneously, with all their new posts automatically downloaded. However, to access this feature, you must upgrade to the paid version.

Site: 4K Stogram

Instagram Video Downloader

For those who are looking for a convenient way to download Instagram videos without installing additional applications on their computer or for use on a public device, the Instagram Video Downloader web service is the ideal solution. The downloading process is as simplified as possible: just go to the page of the video you are interested in on Instagram, copy the URL and paste it into the appropriate field on the Instagram Video Downloader website. After this, the user will be able to view the video in the integrated player and a button to download it.



The DownloadGram service works in a similar way to the previous one, offering a single field for entering a link and a “Download” button. After clicking it, an additional “Download video” button appears, which initiates the download process. Although there are no quality settings or the ability to choose a file name, DownloadGram allows direct downloading from the browser, making it accessible to any operating system.


Free Instagram Download

Free Instagram Download is a program that requires installation on a PC or laptop and is compatible exclusively with Windows operating systems. Its main advantage is the availability of various settings, including the ability to download several videos simultaneously and then automatically turn off the computer when the process is completed. Entering a URL remains the primary method for adding videos to upload, and also allows you to upload photos, however, each media file requires a separate URL, which can be less convenient than other methods.


In conclusion, access to a variety of tools and services for downloading photos and videos from Instagram offers users the flexibility to choose the most suitable method based on their specific needs and technical capabilities. Web services such as Instagram Video Downloader and DownloadGram offer convenient and fast solutions for downloading media content directly from the browser without the need to install additional software. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking for simplicity and accessibility from any device. On the other hand, apps like 4K Stogram and Free Instagram Download offer additional features and settings to give you greater control over the download process, which may be preferable for users who require more flexibility and functionality. Regardless of the method you choose, it is important to remember to respect the copyright and privacy of other users when downloading and using their content.