Casino streams play a key role in the gambling industry, changing the perception of online casinos among audiences. Initially associated with unreliable projects, streams are now aimed at popularizing brands and creating trust with players, providing a human face to casinos through interaction with streamers.

3 weeks ago

Since its inception in 2011, Twitch has been a leader in live streaming platforms, especially in the areas of video game streaming, eSports competitions and music streaming. The Amazon-owned platform has become so popular that some influencers and top streamers have turned their passions into careers. It seemed like Twitch and YouTube would remain the only leaders in streaming, but now Kick has appeared.

4 months ago

The summer season brought upheaval to the streaming world when Twitch suddenly announced new restrictions on sponsored content, reducing opportunities for ad integrations among its content creators. This decision caused a storm of indignation among streamers, who did not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction and even threatened to leave for other platforms. In response to public pressure, Twitch quickly backtracked, reversing the controversial changes the next day. Despite the quick resolution of the conflict, a feeling of discomfort among users remained.

5 months ago