How to make money on casino streams?

Casino streams play a key role in the gambling industry, changing the perception of online casinos among audiences. Initially associated with unreliable projects, streams are now aimed at popularizing brands and creating trust with players, providing a human face to casinos through interaction with streamers.

How to become a streamer? Where to start?

Before starting to stream casinos, it is necessary to be prepared for long-term investments without immediate return, as emphasized by Erdem Ukhinov, Head of Influence at Royal Partners. Besides financial investments, it’s important to have an audience ready to accept such content. A sudden shift from one type of product to another can cause dissatisfaction among subscribers.

Important aspects for a streamer

  • Preparation and Training: The need to study white methods of traffic attraction and audience engagement strategies.
  • Support Team: At the initial stage, it’s possible to do without a team, however, achieving professionalism will require the help of specialists such as operators, editors, and designers.
  • Technical Equipment: High-quality video and sound recording equipment is a mandatory condition for a quality stream.

Choosing a platform for streams

The choice of a platform for streams depends on the audience’s preferences and content specifics. The most popular platforms include:

  • YouTube: Ideal for long streams with the possibility of subsequent viewing.
  • TikTok and Twitch: Preferred for instant interaction with the audience in real-time.
  • Trovo and Facebook Gaming: New but promising platforms with a growing audience.
  • Kick: Another platform deserving the attention of casino streamers.

“Our service offers services for increasing subscribers, views, and viewers on the Kick platform, facilitating faster promotion to the top and forming a target audience. This can be a significant factor in successful casino streaming, allowing streamers to stand out among competitors and attract the attention of potential subscribers from the beginning of their career.”
Tips from Erdem Ukhinov highlight the importance of readiness for risks and investments, the necessity of building relationships with the audience, and choosing the optimal platform for effective casino streaming without the risk of bans.

Models of casino cooperation with streamers

Casinos prefer to work with streamers on a RevShare model, aiming for long-term cooperation. This is driven by the desire to maintain a constant interest of the audience in games. Unlike CPA, where a streamer may cease activity after earning profits, RevShare motivates continued interaction.

Expanding the audience

For successful streaming on an international scale, it’s necessary to overcome the language barrier and study the cultural characteristics of the target audience. Understanding preferences, betting currency, and traditions of players from other countries is key to effectively attracting a foreign audience.

Casino streaming strategy

Using short video clips from streams for posting on YouTube and YouTube Shorts will help attract additional traffic and increase audience interest.

Tools and resources

Choosing an account for TikTok streams requires analysis of activity and channel development history. It’s important to ensure organic audience attraction and content alignment with subscribers’ interests. After changing email and buying an account, one should be cautious, gradually transitioning to casino topics.

Where to find accounts for streaming

For purchasing accounts and other necessary resources, there are specialized platforms offering a wide selection of accounts for different social networks considering geographical and other parameters.

Account bans for casino streams

The main reasons for bans are inadequate audience warming and actions of competitors. It’s important to approach stream organization wisely to avoid blocking.

Earnings from casino streams

Casino streaming is becoming an increasingly popular way of earning among bloggers and webmasters. Quality content and active interaction with viewers can bring an income of $5,000 to $6,000 within 3-4 months of work. The main key to increasing earnings lies in expanding and deepening the audience, as well as choosing the optimal model of cooperation with advertisers.

Casino streams on various platforms


Twitch has turned into a major hub for casino streams thanks to its popularity among famous streamers. The platform imposes certain restrictions on gambling content, especially for brands without an American license, which has caused dissatisfaction among some users and led to a campaign against gambling streams.


YouTube offers broad opportunities for casino streamers, especially thanks to the YouTube Shorts feature, which allows attracting additional traffic. Bloggers, fearing blocking for gambling content on the main platform, often use YouTube to “warm up” the audience, then transferring viewers to Twitch for full casino streams.


On TikTok, casino streams require special caution and gradual introduction of the audience to gambling themes. It’s important to start with neutral content, gradually moving to games related to casinos. TikTok implements innovations, limiting access to streams with gambling games for minors, which, according to experts, will positively impact the industry.


Kick is a relatively new platform for streaming that is rapidly gaining popularity among casino streamers. It provides unique opportunities for audience attraction thanks to its focus on interactivity and user engagement. For streamers looking to stand out among competitors and attract a target audience, Kick can be an effective tool.
It’s important to note that on Kick, as on other platforms, it’s necessary to adhere to the rules and guidelines for broadcasting content related to gambling games. However, thanks to our services for increasing subscribers, views, and viewers, streamers can significantly speed up the process of attracting attention to their broadcasts, allowing them to break into the top faster and form a strong and loyal audience.

For successful streaming on Kick, streamers should:

  • Actively interact with the audience, using all available platform tools to increase engagement.
  • Regularly update content, offering viewers interesting and varied broadcasts.
  • Use services to increase viewers and subscribers for rapid growth in popularity of their streams.
  • Carefully follow updates and changes in platform policy to adapt their content to current requirements.

Incorporating Kick into the portfolio of platforms for casino streaming opens up new opportunities for streamers to earn money and expand their audience. Applying a comprehensive approach to streaming, using various platforms and promotion strategies, will achieve maximum effect and success in the world of online gambling.

Other Platforms

In addition to Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok, there are other platforms, such as Facebook Gaming and Trovo, which also offer opportunities for casino streaming. The choice of platform depends on the target audience’s preferences and the streamer’s content features.

Recommendations for streamers

For successful casino streaming, it’s important to:

  • Choose the right platform that matches goals and audience.
  • Gradually introduce gambling content, avoiding abrupt transitions.
  • Monitor platform policy updates and adapt to changes.
  • Use short videos and live broadcasts to attract and retain audience attention.
  • Build audience trust by providing quality and interesting content.

Adhering to these principles will help streamers not only avoid bans but also build a successful career by earning from casino streams.

Criteria for selecting streamers

The selection of streamers for cooperation is based not only on experience but also on personal qualities, such as responsibility, the desire to work, and the ability to attract an audience.


The financial side of streaming: Do streamers play with “fake money”?

There’s a notion that streamers do not play with real money but with virtual credits or “fake money”. However, many streamers and affiliate programs work transparently, using real funds for bets in their broadcasts. This is important for audience trust and maintaining the realism of the gaming process. Using real money underscores the streamer’s honesty and openness, while fictitious bets may undermine subscribers’ trust.

The current state of streaming: What’s happening with streaming on TikTok?

TikTok is actively developing as a platform for streaming, including casino broadcasts. The platform implements innovations aimed at protecting the younger audience and improving content quality. An important aspect is the possible introduction of age restrictions for access to certain streams, which will increase streamers’ responsibility and improve the perception of gambling content.

Approaches to streaming: Are boosts necessary for success on Twitch?

Using boosts on Twitch and other platforms may temporarily increase stream visibility but does not contribute to forming a loyal and engaged audience. Organic growth achieved through quality content and interaction with viewers is the key to long-term success and sustainable income from streaming.

Telegram as a traffic source: Its appeal to advertisers

Telegram can serve as an additional traffic source for streamers, especially for stream announcements and audience interaction. However, the lack of a recommendation system limits its capabilities as a main channel for attracting new viewers. For advertisers, Telegram is of interest as a platform for targeted and warm-up campaigns.

Legal aspects: Bloggers’ responsibility

Streamers are responsible for adhering to age restrictions and gambling legislation. Minors typically cannot pass verification on gambling platforms, but bloggers should take all possible measures to avoid attracting youth to gambling.

Content promotion: Tools for top video placement on YouTube

Using YouTube Shorts and SEO optimization helps improve video visibility on YouTube. Keywords, hashtags, and a quality video description contribute to its promotion to the top of search queries and increase audience reach.

Content creation: The need for a content script for gambling streams

Developing a content script can increase viewer engagement, especially if the audience expects entertaining or informational content. However, for professional players, quality gameplay and slot reviews are often sufficient. The approach to content creation should be based on the target audience’s preferences; sometimes, a “talking head” and interesting gameplay are enough, while other times, a full-fledged script with story elements or engaging narration is required.

How to find the perfect gambling streamer?

The ideal gambling streamer not only has deep knowledge of gambling games but also the ability to interest and retain the audience. This is a person with good communication skills, capable of creating engaging and varied content. Honesty and transparency in relationships with the audience are also important, as well as readiness for long-term cooperation with casinos on mutually beneficial terms. Experience in streaming is desirable, but the presence of soft skills and the desire to grow and develop in this direction can compensate for its absence.


Casino streaming on various platforms offers streamers broad opportunities for earning and self-realization. It’s important to approach this activity responsibly, considering all aspects from choosing a platform to creating quality content and adhering to legal standards. Developing communication skills with the audience, as well as using modern tools for promotion and content optimization, contribute to a streamer’s success in the gambling industry.