What is a shadowban on Tik Tok and how to get out of it?

In TikTok, popularity can come instantly, just as quickly as it can fade. Today, let’s talk about the phenomenon known as shadow banning, its consequences, and ways to avoid such situations in the future.

Why TikTok blocks videos

Unlike other social networks, TikTok officially does not recognize the practice of shadow banning. Questions to moderators about the reasons for the lack of views usually do not yield results, and all information about shadow banning is based solely on user experience. It’s difficult to fully protect against shadow banning since the exact criteria for its application are not disclosed by the platform. Reasons for being subject to restriction can range from the length of the video, its low quality, or irrelevance. The main goal of such restrictions by TikTok is to protect the audience from low-quality content.

Why there are no views on TikTok

Shadow ban, or “shadowban,” can be one of the reasons for a low number of views on TikTok. It is a kind of hidden restriction of an account, which the user is not notified about and can continue to use the app without visible restrictions. Suspicion of a shadow ban may arise in the case of a noticeable decrease in reach or when content stops being shown to users not subscribed to you.

How to fight shadow ban and its consequences

Understanding how to recognize a shadow ban is important, but it’s worth remembering that a decrease in reach is not always related to it. Perhaps interest in the topic has faded, new trends have emerged, or competitors with more interesting content have appeared. In any case, it’s important not to stop and continue to fight for audience attention. Social networks require constant attention and effort to maintain the relevance and popularity of your content.
In TikTok, as in any other social network, there are certain rules, the violation of which can lead to your videos not getting views.

Below are the key factors that can trigger content blocking on the platform:

  1. Content with inappropriate content: Videos touching on topics such as weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc., even in a moderate form, can be subject to a shadow ban. For example, even a cartoon character with a cigarette may face a shadowban. Explicit violations, such as spreading racist views or advocating violence, can lead to more serious consequences.
  2. Repetition of content and mass deletion: Uploading identical videos is considered spam, and mass deletion of videos can raise suspicions. To clean up your profile, it’s better to make videos private.
  3. Excessive activity: Mass liking and calls to the audience with subscription requests can raise suspicions and lead to reduced views.
  4. Copying someone else’s content: Plagiarism and using someone else’s ideas without considering copyright can lead to blocking. At the same time, adapting trends is not considered a violation, but it’s important to respect the rights of creators.
  5. Obscene language and hostile statements: It’s important to maintain a cultured and respectful dialogue in your content, avoiding rudeness and aggression.
  6. Complaints from users: If your content offends someone or violates the rules, it can lead to a shadow ban. However, if complaints are unjustified, your account may be restored after review.
  7. Using a large number of hashtags: An overuse of tags can be perceived as spam, reducing video visibility.
  8. Videos with children without adult supervision: TikTok pays special attention to content featuring children to ensure their safety.

Adhering to the rules mentioned and adapting your content creation strategy to TikTok’s requirements can help lift the shadow ban and prevent it in the future. Strive to create original and high-quality content, comply with the platform’s policy, and be attentive to your audience’s reaction.

How to recognize a shadow ban on TikTok

A shadow ban on TikTok does not come with notifications, making it difficult for creators to understand the reason for the drop in views. However, there are several clear indicators to pay attention to:

  • Decrease in views: If previously successful clips suddenly start gathering significantly fewer views.
  • Lack of new subscriptions: If the quality of content remains high, but new users stop subscribing.
  • Deletion of comments: If you notice that your comments under other people’s videos disappear, it can be a sign.
  • Invisibility of the video by hashtags: If after adding a unique hashtag to the video, it cannot be found from another account.

How to check?

  • Analysis of statistics: The most effective method is to study the analytics of your account. Users with a PRO account can easily track the dynamics of views and new subscribers through the “Analytics” section.
  • Reduction in views from recommendations: A drop in the indicator of views from the recommendation feed indicates a potential block.

Consequences of the Shadow Ban and ways to recover

Despite the lack of official methods to overcome the shadow ban, experience shows that it usually lasts about two weeks. During this period, it’s important to:

  • Avoid provocative content: Make sure that the reason for the block has been removed.
  • Patience and restraint: Over time, videos will start appearing in recommendations again, but the recovery of reach will happen gradually.
  • Reassessment of strategy: Use this period to analyze your content and promotion strategy.

For influential bloggers, a shadow ban can mean significant losses, sometimes it’s even easier to start with a new account. Lesser-known authors will also have to make an effort to return to their previous level of audience engagement. In any case, the key to success is understanding TikTok’s algorithms and creating content that will be interesting to your target audience.